Love told, love acted. 

Come here. Close to my lips, I have a secret to share with my world. I love you. The expanse of you. Your infinity. Your finiteness. Your brilliance. Your dimness. The duality that is your expertise. I love you in every dose. In every measure. I tell you this in hushed tongue for the walls have ears and they may take these words as their own. I tell you this in hallow space, in the moment we met so you may know the extent of my boldness. I’ve been called stubborn. I’ve loved wrongly before. With passion but not conviction. With compassion but not joy. And I’m learning. I say I love you like a psalm for you deserve something divine. And these words will not be final testament. This is beginning of a saga. Etched in your skeleton for the mortician to read. Bones like poetry. I will love you in action just as in words. For that is the love you deserve. 


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