Learned Love

I learned love from the ancient books. From the parchment and the skin of animals. From the cave walls and stone. I learned love from my roots, tangled deep in the soil. Rich in sulfur and other nutrients. I learned love from cascading rains on vacant homes in ghettos and developing countries. I learned from the world. Baby! It gave me a crash course these 24 years. Taught me how to romance and how to charm. Not the Hollywood routine, but the chivalry, the honor of royalty. Life taught me how to love you through the written word, like Gospel. I said hallelujah my sweet nectar, hallelujah. I learned from the gods. Old and new. From the willow trees, from the crooked rivers, from the descending stars. I learned love from them all. And I’m here today. Writing this for you, a dedication if you will. I love you. I didn’t learn it when we first met. I didn’t learn it till years later, that the moment you first said hello to me was one of destruction. One of annihilation. You changed me. Morphed me into a philosopher, into a wildebeest. Gave me ideas of a romantic life. Before you I was content with solitude. I write this, knowing you for almost a decade. I write this, learning more about love from you than from the ancients. They taught me remedial courses, you gave me the advance coursework. I write this, devotedly loving you knowing that I’ll keep loving you. Because, truth is you taught me how to love.


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