Woman of Faith: Understanding Edith

“Of all the glories in the world, love is the greatest”.

Perhaps my favorite line from Edith Luiz in Woman of Faith.

It’s never been hard for me write poems. But writing short stories and attempting to write a novel, those are different beasts. I’m learning a lot about myself as a writer and a lot about my own imagination. Rebecca is very much a young depiction of a goddess in a human world. Roberto, the devout religious man who can’t bear to see life from a different lens. And then there is Edith. Edith is the connection between the human and the divine worlds. Like most woman in the story, Edith sees the divide between man and woman. She understands the possibility of faith and divinity for women and the savagery and ignorance of man. Edith is the first foundation of peace and the essence of knowledge for a young Rebecca.


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