First date 

How come you smell like tobacco and juicy fruit? How come you taste like prophecy and baptism? Dressed like a Pentecostal but I know deep beneath the surface you throw signs with the heathens. Tell ’em! Tell ’em bout that time you ran away from heaven cause your wings were too heavy to carry. I know you’ve fallen, I could smell the lost grace in your deep sighs. I could hear it. Deep in your hellos. The melancholy of your approaches. Damn, baby slow it down. I just met you. Telling me about the Shakespearean drama of your family. I got troubles too, but that’s not first date material. Hi! I’m Luis. I’m an inspiring writer, I’m a student. Blah blah blah. I know all about your demons. I could see that aura. I could feel that aura. It’s what drew me to your path. I know you used to walk with hesitant steps. You never knew trust. Or love. But charm is the name of my subtitle. Luis: the story of a charming man. I know love. I know trust. I’ll teach you in due time. Just tell me one thing. How you smell like tobacco and juicy fruit? I mean that shit is dope. 


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