Story Time

And this is how the story goes:

I met you,

down by the riverbed,

your feet drenched in mud

a sunflower in your mouth

and you had these wonderful shades on,

I said “Hello”

and you stayed motionless,

lost in the echoes of music buzzing through your headphones,

it took me a while,

to figure out you weren’t just ignoring me,

I said hello

about five times

until I started walking to you,

I can’t describe the sensation

but it’s like something was calling me over,

maybe we were two atoms

destined to collide,

maybe we were meant to met this way,

But here I was,

walking towards you

as you sat by the riverbed

and the closer I came,

the stronger the sensation

the knots tying in my throat

the sweaty palms

the dry mouth,

I was nervous,

and I would never forget the way you looked at me

when you said “Hi!”,

like you’ve been waiting millenniums

you patted the ground

and I swore I saw flowers rise

but maybe I was hallucinating,

and I sat by you

your head on my shoulders

your hand in mine

you heard my heart beat

and whispered “gentle. slow. be calm”

and it was,

we sat there,

counting stars and learning of our spaces,

we didn’t speak in spoken tongue

but I knew everything you had to say,

and when you came closer

when we laid down

and your head was on my chest

hand ruffling through my beard

you kissed my lips

and I could taste the first time I ever had sancocho.

And this is how I met her.


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