Sweat slipping on sweat. Bodies unable to hold to each other but holding on because of friction. Lips on lips, hands devoured by hands. My breath dressing your naked flesh. Your breath responding to mine. Body on body, soul in soul. Caressed like lovers, my lips on your neck. My teeth, on your neck. My left hand on your neck, my right on your waist. Bodies on bodies, holding on because of friction. This is the game we played. Hopscotch across your body with hands and mouth, thumbs placed on back dimples, I kissed you gently on the small of you back. Hair ruffled by hands, you’ve found your aha moment. You found your moment. And I love it. It’s those pauses in your breath like an orchestra, impromptu like jazz. When you say “almos..” cause you could never finish your sentences or words. My hands on your waist, between your thighs. Bodies on bodies, held by friction and allowed by a simple expression. 


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