Goddess, the Mother

She birthed you from her expansive womb. From what humanity calls space. She basked you in stars and black holes. She feed you through love and calamity. She gave you wisdom, profound insight for creativity. Goddess. Mother of all things holy! You birthed the gods from Your body. You gave them life! I learned of You through my writing. I was 10 when I began this journey. And since there has been a feminine energy guiding me through the process. It is You. Molded from infinity, it was You. Breath like Eternity, it was You. It was You, who gave me this gift. It was You who breast feed the gods. It was You, who cradled catastrophe and peace. It was You! I write because of You. Of You. For You. This is Yours, Mother of all creation. You gave us life. You gave me poetry. I give You love and dedication. For You are All!


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