The Heights 

Like Nicotene and Bailey’s

That what you always tasted of,

Like you were made

In a corner liquor store. 

Rough around the edges

Like callous hands,

You never worked a day of your life,

Your nails never chipped

Your hair never split,

But you moved weight like bowel movements,

On a regular,

You’re ambitious


A religious mastermind 

Never sold a pack without a prayer,

In my spiritual 

I’ve prayed for your happiness,

Give me liberty or give me death,

Tattooed across your chest 

I’ve only seen it a handful of times

When you would flash me for fun,

Told me

I wasn’t like the other boys 

But you never wanted me,

I wasn’t like the other boys 

And they were the ones you played with

The ones who played you,

And I was a faithful friend

Loyalty is abundant in these bones 

I bleed allegiance

But you found out too late

Cause I found something else to love

Someone else to love,

I write this in graffiti 

Like the other men and women have

Across your body

This is for you

where I called home 

For 14 years,

I love you like my moms

But loyalty not reciprocated 

Finds a new home 

Damn you still my stomping grounds

You still my Heights

But I found a new home, 



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