Morning Prayer for the Goddess

She is divinity, blessings upon hieroglyphs and parchment, She is lamb’s blood on wooden doors on Passover. She is divinity, arched like rainbows in the scope of the rotation, She is a covenant between the holy and us swine. She is divinity, call Her Goddess. Her scope is formless, boundless like space. She is bounded by nothing, for She is the Light and the Darkness. She is completion. From Her womb to Her mind, She is completion. She is eternity in unfathomable situations, dressed in the depths of the Cosmos and Oceans, full of love like optimism. She gave birth to Yahweh on the first day. And watched him grow to be a god. She dressed Herself in the garments of motherhood and roamed the Universe to contemplate Her worth.

I love you Mother. Goddess of all. I’ve found You through love and friendship. Found You in the clutches of merriment and sincerity. Wicked men robbed You of Your praise. But I write these prayers to resurrect Your glory in the name of Your bounty. You exhale love like smoke from marijuana blunts. You exhale love like carbon dioxide. Give me breath. Give me freedom from the large chakras of planets that make Your body.

Goddess, this is for You.


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