Down the notches of your spine, I shall find a way to ease your pain. Chiropractic gentleness with hands and mouth; I have read your body like the Old Testament, like my personal library, like artwork, I know its creaks and its aches. I know its pleasure points. Give me some time. Let’s meditate! Breathe in, breathe out. Inhale slowly, exhale slower. Concentrate on your breath. On ours! As I taste you, do not think but experience. Experience the moment, don’t think. Give yourself to the moment. Let your body be washed by the present and reach a level of calmness you never knew possible. Electric kisses up your thighs and on your stomach, on your breasts and your neck, on your lips. Gentle, yet rough. I have not loved you in millennia. But the terrain I am familiar with the terrain, sculpted out of onyx and dressed in celestial bodies. You taste like the beginning of freedom, like achievement. Give me a moment to relish in your strength. Our bodies tight and wrapped like roots and knots. But easy cause of meditation, I’ve given you something great in mindfulness. I’ve read you like the Kamasutra and other sutras. Appreciate the present, the now. For that’s all we have.


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