Woman of Faith: Third Excerpt

Edith raised a rebellion, not a child, not a mere young woman, but a full-fledged rebellion. “We have to keep her inside the house, do you know how bad this is for me,” Roberto screamed at Edith as he paced back and forth in the living room as Edith knitted a veil. “For the love of God,” Edith shot back at her husband with a ferocity that shook his bones. She continued to knit a veil, knowing fully well that her daughter needed to explore the world.

The tension between the powers of the country and the people has begun to grow. As if the wealth gap wasn’t enough of an issue, as if fraud and corruption wasn’t bad enough, now the people felt targeted and attacked. The Church declared it illegal to pronounce claims outside of the religion. People began to meet in secret. Whispers became the official language of the poor. The first decree was passed by the Church: anyone found with a shrine and or any form of reverence to the seductress, will be stripped of their land, titles, possessions and jailed for a year.

The military found enclaves of totems and shrines dedicated to Rebecca and arrested families at alarming rates. Their most important discovery was that of a shrine in the home of the mayor. This was a huge victory for the Church as they paraded the mayor through town, humiliating him in front of everyone. “This man, entrusted to be the political guard of this town has fallen victim to blasphemous behavior,” the cardinal spoke feverishly as he stood before the crowd. It was no secret that the mayor was spiritually in love with Rebecca. It was no secret that the mayor orchestrated for the secret shrines in people’s home, those who were also under his same ailment. But no one knew that he would be put to shame and treated as a third rate citizen. But for many people, this was the last straw. You could take away their money, you could take away their political voice, but you cannot take away their spirituality or religion. To many Rebecca was an omen from God, she was either the Virgin reincarnated or something else, something holy. But this was the last straw.

Though poverty has greatly diminished the will of the people, especially those delusional enough to believe that any job would aid them in prosperity, they have had enough. Enough of the lies, enough of the rules, enough of the mistrust. Mysticism has always been an important part of the town, of the island even when it was part of the greater country. Rebecca reignited that desire for divinity, she represented something more human than the Church ever could. And so the civilians orchestrated a massive coup against the Church. First they defiled the churches, they stripped the clergymen of their gold and melted it in the town square. Many would participate, mostly women and young girls, for the men were too scared to lose their position of power if they turned against the ruling bodies. But those few men who influenced by Rebecca’s beauty, by her mythology, were amongst the first to be shot and hanged. Women and girls were spared for the simple fact that they could reproduce. Without them, how would families, especially those in power, survive? But with the killings came more protest, came more violence and anger. So the Church called the military for swift action.


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