They Gave Us

I have found peace in the culture of your brilliance and imagination. Solitude in the 100 years we spent together traversing the universes between friendship and love. I’ll tell you secrets from underneath this mantle. I have loved you since the Big Bang. Since before there was a there. I meet you in darkness and fell in love with your voice. That was the beginning. You were the editor to the Bible. God’s written hand. And I loved you. They made the universe, the cosmos and placed us on the same planet. You, beauty beyond definition, they gave you lips as tempting as the golden calf. They gave you hair as mesmerizing as the burning bush. They gave you eyes as encompassing as the seeds of Abraham. And they gave me the ability to love you. Fallen angel, perhaps. You’re astronomical. And, I’ve loved you. Adhered to your religion in public. Bathed your body in holy water and scented oils. I love you. They gave you scripture for a voice and they gave me a vessel to carry your magnitude.


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