Letter for my father 

Wasn’t going to write today.  I didn’t want to lose this streak. You remind me if I really want it I have to make time. You rarely cursed but when you did I knew that was for emphasis. Fuck the excuses. You don’t have time, make time. That was your lesson. That was your impression. You never lived by the hourglass. You molded your minutes like Hephaestus, crafted time like a master. Pops, you were a mastermind. A general. A brilliance like luminescence. You were everything to a young me. You feed me knowledge in books shared the worlds of Garcia Marquez, Dostoevsky, Paz. You were the guy I wanted to be, the guy I want to be. The man I need to be. Stoic like Stonehenge and regal like lions of Judea. You were a father and a powerful soul. Left me speechless with your impression. Left me impressed with your speeches. I love you. And I miss you.


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