Excerpt 2 from “Woman of Faith”

“No one wants to marry the Devils daughter, not even Jesus himself would love you,” he told her as he dragged her off the stage. “Dad maybe next time” “Rebecca I told you since the day you were brought into this world to never call me that, God didn’t intend for a girl to call me by such vulgarity,” “Ok, I’m sorry, what should I call you then?” “Call me Mr. Luiz,” he said as if talking to young men at the ministry. They walked down the street as two indifferent individuals. But it was obvious that the young woman loved him even though he despised her. “Walk behind me so no one would think we are together” “But papi, I mean Mr. Luiz we are” as if someone had stepped on his heel Roberto swiftly turned his head “No one needs to know that, the Devils affairs are always done in secret”.

The distance between them wasn’t limited to the physical. Roberto and Rebecca were always in two different scopes of time and space. For the daughter of Lucifer, she knew how to love with no barriers and conditions. And as a devout Catholic, Roberto knew how to hate and judge as if he were God himself. Although there were no suitable suitors at the auction, Rebecca was followed by a parade of worshippers. “Lady, lady, lady, bless us. Oh we have sinned, deliver us from this world”. Their words, repetitive and full of fear shook her to her core. At this moment, by the divinity of God, Roberto grabbed Rebecca’s hand, the first time he has ever touched her, and pulled her away from the impending calamity. If not out of love, Roberto’s actions were out of pride. And this action would propel Rebecca into confusion and love, love for a man who would readily sacrifice her for his own happiness.


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