If you were the expanse of the Universe, the crimson from which Yahweh built Adam and Eve, the waters of the Oceans, the tectonics of the Earth, the messiah to young woman in the 21st century, then tell me something why did you love me? I know why! I just don’t have question to ask you. I caught you like lightning in a bottle and thunder in a drum, it was a miracle. But I didn’t have/own you. I never wanted to. And now I’m alone on this tiny planet with whispers from family and friends telling me there are other lightning bolts to catch. But none of them have your ferocity, your grace, your charm and love. How can I know? Because I can smell it in the air when the sky is about to rip and crackle. I can taste it in the atmosphere and I’ve never been struck by anything but mediocre charges before/after you. They say lightning strikes twice, lets hope thats true. I hope its true.


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