Excerpt from my story “Woman of Faith”

Rebecca Ariza had no identity without her husband, Miguel. She was known throughout the town as “the living property of the Ariza family,” respect was the least of her worries. Since her birth she has been groomed to be a wife. Her proof of existence lived with matrimony. She even lacked a last name. The only daughter born to Roberto Luiz and Edith Rosario, Roberto believed she was born from Edith’s lust and the Devil’s envy. She was the daughter of sin.

With her birth came the death of seven, four workers, Roberto’s mother and two of his sons. He was never able to see how her conception justified their deaths. His belief in superstitions was powerful enough to make him a slave. She was never his daughter but the cross he carried. She was the constant reminder of his hatred and the world’s sin.

At the age of fourteen her beauty rivaled that of every wife in the village. She was a child who tempted civilization with her physical features. But she never existed within the confines of humanity. She was kept out of family records and Roberto’s will, her only proof of relation was her capricious nature. There was no denying that she was the daughter of Edith, her face had all the desires of mankind imprinted upon itself and she spoke with such conviction it was easy to confuse her for a philosopher.


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