Letter from my Father on the 10month anniversary of his death

I have held your hand through the passage of your trails and bouts. I have been at your side since your birth, you thought I left when you were diagnosed but I never left your side. I have been by you, at my own behest, out of love and duty. My son, I have never left you. Through the abuse, through the neglect, through the anger, I have always loved you. I have been a horrible father for your youth, but that’s a pain I know you have realized. I hope you never go through that with your children. I love you, I know I’ve only said it three times but I do. And when I died, when I died 10 months ago I know you were strong enough to get through it.  You returned to school after 3 years. You made me so proud. Always have. Always. I may not be there physically but my hijo yo estas contigo  siempre (I am always with you). It’s been 10 months now, I know every month it gets harder for you. But remember I will never leave you. I have been at your sad since birth. Take care of your mother and sister. Do well in life, be confident, have fun. Love yourself. Luisito I named you after my father and I for a reason. Remember that. You’re stronger than you’ve ever realized, have faith. I’m physically gone now but i still got you. I’m just your guardian angle now. I love you.

  • Your father, Luis.

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