Chorus Line

Tender love

Rough love,

Quake in your ankle love,

Rattle in your soul love,

that mighty elixir

Mighty elixir

Spoken like lust,

that soul,

that jazz,

that funk up the ridge of your spine,

Up and down your spine

Undress and caress,

I can attest to your naked beauty,

could tell you love me

by the way your breast hang,

Thats a reference ya’ll

Water beads off your bare skin,

you smell like tropical fruit,

like Harlem,

like Dominican Republic,

yea, Dominican Republic

I have licked you down to the marrow,

down to the essence of you,

I’ve tasted every fiber

every inch

Every inch, damn

In those moments,

in those luxuries

I’ve felt your body respond to mine

its the comfort between us,

it the calm before the storm,

and I love it,

I love you.


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