*Kalyāṇa-mittatā: is pali for spiritual friend*

Written meditations between us in the diaspora associated with our Africa. I, my father’s family from Nigeria through his ancestor who was a slave in the Dominican Republic. You, from Africa via other islands. I’ve had dreams of you in my monastery, in my temple, in the Kaaba. You’ve lead me out of suffering through these words. Through the morphing of your voice and your emotions. I’ve never felt sadness through blank stares. You aided me in this journey. Helped me find myself, brought awareness to me, gave me yoga and meditation, deep breathing and mindfulness. My kalyāṇa-mittatā. I’ve developed me through your love. You spoke me into a new existence. Gave me an ember that burns in my soul like the eternal sun. Gave me motivation through your presence, gave me aspirations and hope. I pursued the noble eightfold path because you. Adhere my life to Buddhahood. Im a bodhisattva now. Because of you. You had me believe in the spiritual, in the ending of suffering. Tell me again why you came into my life. You were a love affair that grew into spirituality and lead me down the path to Nirvana. My noble friend, I love you.



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