Hate myself/Love myself

I haven’t loved me for too long. I haven’t trusted my skin against my own flesh. I hated me, OH! how I hate myself for years. I didn’t like my mind, I didn’t like my body, I didn’t like life. Suicide and apathy. My meals for the week. My meals for years. I didn’t love me for so long. For years. I hated my own voice, speaking scratched the shit out of my throat. All things me, I hated cause I was inadequate. I was a let down. I was a bust. God, they wasted life on me. That’s how I thought for too long. For too long, that was my habitat. That was my habit. It’s been some time since I began loving myself, liking myself. Being me. So what, my voice raspy. I sound like R&B. Damn, its been a long time since I last thought of suicide. Since I last thought I was worthless. God, they praised life with me, gave me blessings upon blessings. I’m not a waste. I’m a battalion. I’m a Great Wall of a man. Damn God! They made me beautiful. Gave me lips like mango fruit, gave me eyes like coconut, voice like crashing waters and a stature like air. OH God! They indeed made me in their image. I got this from my momma, from my father, from God themselves. I hated me just to love me down the road. I wont hate this journey. Its been real. I learned me. Who I was and am. Damn! I’m a blessing upon blessing. I’ll keep it in my prayers, I’m a arc of the covenant lover. I’m, I’m me. And I love me


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