There are elements carried in the wind that have that faint smell of you. There are particles in the Ocean that taste just like your lips. And I’ve fallen for you all over again. Reminded of your beauty I have found myself in you again. In your glory I have basked and bathed. How I used to as a toddler in the rivers of my native land, I have found that connection in you. Remind me of my grandmother’s song, of my mother’s dream. My ancestors have been awakened by this love, they yelled “RISE” when I met you. And they rose. They walked out their graves in synchronization and have untangled my roots. They came to me as I dreamt of you, they told me “Rise” and told me of the powerful women whose blood runs through my veins. They gave me anecdotes, they gave me lessons, they gave me history. And when I saw you again, when I saw you in all your splendor, I knew what history meant. I love you. And so do my ancestors.


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