*Sharing something old*

When I found you in the rubble of past civilizations, in the despair of current generation, in the abyss of our ancestors, I knew I found something remarkable. When I spoke of your name the skies crackled and the air whipped, the water fizzled and the light began to fade. I remember meeting you. I remember meeting the real you. The entity behind your façade. It was a glorious blessing on the part of the Mother and the other gods. A woman born but a deity lived. When I met you I realized the truth. What’s love got to do with it but make those suspended in its spell delusional? But when I fell in love with you, it was the first time. It was the only time. It was the right time to feel vulnerable. You didn’t chip away at my exterior, you didn’t break down the guards, you simply bypassed them like gaseous agents through cracks in the foundation. You built me up. Built me from onyx and iron, from stone and brick. You were an architect for four years and you designed a dwelling built for one. Miracle woman, goddess what praises can I recount to you that would suffice in the deliverance of my feelings for you? Would you understand that I have sat by this device and have written you over one hundred prayers? Over one hundred poems. Oh you have made me your prophet. The bearer of your soul and the container of your body. You have made me one with you. And one we have become. In all of its spectacular wisdom. Darling, I have created these stars for people to get a glimpse of your light. I have created these worlds for people to understand your density. Darling, I have given this world a fraction of your beauty, small representations of your splendor. I’ve molded statues in your honor, but the men named them by different names. Your name: forbidden like that of the Jewish deity. For it will split the heavens and the earth through its core and cause another big bang. The original one created you from masses too big to comprehend. I repent, I ask for penance from your counsel. May you have mercy on my love through these difficult times. I utter the words of “I love you” constantly through the canals of the universe in hopes of reaching your ears. I ask for unity like Pangea, for peace like quietness. I will tell you these things through my words for I speak with the tongue of a messiah. I love you. No truth holds more weight than the one I have written about in parchment, in stone, in the will of the universe for the past 1460 days. I recount these stories to wayward children for they may feel hope and love. I give these stories to those lost in insanity so they may find their way through the maze of their own thoughts. My love, they call you mother, they call you hope and love. They began to say that infinity is possible through the devotion of your commitment. That peace resides in the echoes of your palms. Queen! All hail the queen! That is the mantra that I breath with I inhale, exhale. May she live for years beyond human ideas. Meditation. Give me more reasons to love you. Give me more reasons to write of your perfection. I want to caress you like the wind weaves itself around the bodies of people, I want to care for you like nature. When I exhale give the world more reasons to praise to you. Devotion. May the gods have mercy on my soul for my blasphemy but I have no fears of praising you in their place. May you understand the bounty of your glory. I will give you the universe as an engagement between us. May you understand the scope of my admiration. I love you. Always and forever.


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