I’ve undressed myself in your presence. Shed skin like Boa constrictor. Naked soul, laid on the tabernacle where we first meet. In lieu of a church we used the ancient grounds by the lighthouse. Your body reflecting off the river as the moon shines on your back. I could see scars from past transgressions. I could feel the memories when I touch you. When you face me and touch your back. Softly, for I know it pains you. I know you’ve felt worthless. But I love you. Tender and carefully, I rub coconut oil on your scars. I massage your tempos and chant Buddhist chants into your wounds. I’m here to care for your body. To care for your mind and your soul. I’ll clock you in my love, keep you warm from winter nights. Love you unconditionally and selflessly. I won’t fix you. It can’t be done by me. But I can help you heal. Take my hand and let me embrace you with compassion and hope. I’ve known you for too long. And for too long I’ve known you have felt damaged. But you’re beautiful. You’re a papaya tree in the peak of the day under rainbows. You’re a tropical season. I’ll fortify you. I’ll fortify us. Caress you in the moments of infinity between your anxiety attacks. Hold your your body as you panic. I love you. I know you’ve seen things, I’ve known you heard things, I know. I know you. You kept it quiet but I’ve seen your demeanor, your reactions. I’ve caught the slips and the off-handed comments. I’m here for you. For nothing in return. No wants. No desires. I love you. That what love is. Sacrifice, suffering, growth, investment, compassion. It’s truth. And the truth is I won’t leave you. I’ll be there for panic attacks, I’ll be there for bouts of anxiety, I’ll be there when your depressed. I’ll be there. I care for you through any conflict, any confrontation. I’ll tell you more. This is me. Me being vulnerable with you. Naked in soul and mind. I’ve laid it all across the floor like a yard sale. Here, this is my love. My oath, in goats blood like Passover. I will love you and care for you. I speak this truth through millenniums of suffering and strife. I will hold you and lift you up. I will be that for you. Because I love you.


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