Letter to Love

Praise to be to you. To the Milky Way of your abdomen, your birthed humanity. You birthed me. And raised me in your arms. Gave me shelter and warmth, gave me guidance and strength. When I was young I would run into your embrace, your arms as wide as the Cosmos, and when you held me I felt the energy of a million stars. I felt what they call astronomy. You gave me a home. A place to lay my weary head and take off my shoes. You gave me a place to return to. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you. Too long since we shared a cup of tea/coffee and I told you of my tales. These adventures. These romances and these poems I’ve written. Of course you know. But I haven’t told you in too long. I’ve only returned at night, too tired to speak and hear a voice. But I’ve returned. For good now. This is my home. This. This is where I belong. In your clutches, in the serenade of your voice. I’ve returned to you Love. Love. You’ve been my home since I was a child. You birthed me and raised me like my parent. You’ve given me all the necessities never was I destitute. I write this prayer for you. For the blessing you’ve given me.

Love, as ever present as breath. I worship you. Like holy days. Consecrate me. You’re my reoccurring dream. Stuck in my memories like marrow, genome. Blessed be the way you live. Like prophet, like holy women, like Mary. Praise be to you. To your existence.

You’ve made me a better man.



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