In between the seams, in the crevasses of your self-doubt is a resonance of love. It sounds like your laugh, the one when you’re caught off guard. I can’t think of anything more ferocious than your love. Okay, maybe your appetite. Maybe your smile whenever you see me. There a crackle in the sky when you say my name, like the universe cracked and the planets feel like beads of sand through an hourglass. And when I see you. The face of a solar system and eyes with depths like infinity, I find myself in disbelief. You got me. Had at me hello, the first day I met you. I would write these stories for people who gave up so they may feed on hope. It’s a savior amongst the people. Its you, written in parchment. Its you, always you. One in a googolplex. Its always you. And when you speak. Oh! when you speak, i feel my bones rattle, my soul rejoice in the hallelujah of your accent. Smooth, like calm currents. I have heard paradise from your lips. I have seen paradise from your body. Bequeath me with joy. Sanctify me in this temple of your beauty. Save my wretched soul. My damaged spirit has carried too many inequities. I’ve found meditation to be my grace. But you, something like a blessing. Unspoken pacts with God, they must introduced us without notice. On the days we meet, I find myself swayed into joy. I ask you, how does love sound?


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