Give me life, give me freedom, give me the chance to meet you half way, between yesterday and tomorrow. Meet me at today. I would write you libraries of poems and psalms. Prayers and blessings. I love you. Yes, I love you cause I love me. I found completeness in myself and in you I found serenity. A calmness of emotions, silent like waterfalls. Everything about you. These fingers have lost feeling for too much typing. These hands have had spasms from too much writing. I’ve cataloged you between my Bible and Qur’an. I’ve made space for you in this home, this heart of mine. These blessings, these prayers, may make me blasphemous, sacrilegious but if God let you in my life than these thanks go to them. It took me a long time to be happy with myself. Too long for some. But patience is suffering. and my suffering is over. Then I found you at the end of the journey. Dying of thirst and hunger, you feed me. You bathed me in river waters and gave me sustenance. You gave me a bed, and a roof to lay under. You gave me a home. And I could only repay with love.


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