I’ve melted into you. Marinated across the Earth like a spread, you’ve turned me into mush. Marry me? Ok too soon. We don’t even know each other. I met you some time ago, no specifics cause well then you know, you’ll know. So back to the story. You remind me of bedtime stories. The first time I heard Herb Alpert. The first time I wrote a poem. You remind me of it all. Dress you like epidermis on cold nights. Carry your back like spine, damn girl you’re beautiful. Give you these hands, callous yet smooth, I give you this labor. My body, yours. My heart, yours. It’s an offering to your altar. I’ll bring wraps and alcohol too. I write this into different dimension, different scopes of time, so I can meet you when I never knew you. In you, there’s something in you. There’s fantasy/reality/danger/safety/ecstasy just all of you. There’s a taste to your aura that I can never spit out. There’s a smell to your confidence that reminds me of my grandmother’s hospitality and her attitude. The sound when you walk into a room, I’ve never heard thunder be so calming. All this magnitude, all this blasphemy, all of this, I’m here for it all.


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