And when I told you that I loved you in the scope of the eternal energy between my lips and your ears, you blushed a color of red I’ve never registered and categorized within my memories. There you stood, unlike anything I have ever seen before, dressed in a color unbeknownst to me and my history. And when I said those words I didn’t know that what I felt from your own reaction would make me feel something more euphoric, enlightening. When I inhaled your smile and saw your aura change not only shape but color and size, I knew declaring these philosophies was the proper thing to do. I told you in between the chaos of life, we were young and delusional with the future. But it’s insanity that makes life worth is weight in passion fruit. That’s just my favorite. Like you. When I spoke these words through your ears, burrowing through your neural pathways , I felt histories of fear and disappointment tighten your body, crackle your bones grinding your marrow and you found the strength to believe. Believe in the possibilities of happiness and the absurdity of love. You kissed me through my lips and into the mantle of my soul. In those moments, samsara no longer existed and Nirvana became a closer reality. When I told you “I love you” in that moment I transcended.


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