On your skin, on mine, on ours I tattoo inscriptions through contact, through the touch of my lips and my fingers. Through the faint sounds of my exhales when we inhale each other.

Our bodies, melted into each other like America. The ideology not the country. Graffiti on my insides with your acrylic nails, etch a sketch love into existence. This is more like brail, but continue to paint me like a masterpiece as I paint you like the Heavens.

I can feel your bones, face to face. Your back feels like tight ropes. Ease, breath and release the tension. I’m ready to love you, fortify your body and mind like tranquility. Your hands in mine, your eyes locked with mine. Give me this Kandinsky love. This purely abstract rendition of love.

Play your orchestra, your melody as I speak into you, that it may come into fruition like wishes and desires. On this day, we have been blessed by our energies. I have tasted you like coconut chips and lemonsitos. You taste like my my mother land. And when we were entangled it felt tight like roots.

Give you the solar system and the cosmos. Give you the spirit of my mania in our exchanges. I’ve seen you vulnerable, naked like clear skies. And I’ve never wept with such brilliance. Tell me your secrets. Keep me in your secrets. Your hair. My hand. Breathing. On your neck. Slowly to the beat of the strokes. Your nails. Down my back. Your legs origami around my waist. Slow. Take it slow. Slow and steady. My hands read your body like darkness. Beautiful soul. Bright even in the dark. Give you all of me. Give me all of you.

Love you like breath, inhale/exhale, through my body and into the Universe. And, when we make love, it’s always a journey.


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