Between Us

In darkness

and in light,

I would eat the ionosphere

in between your layers,

in between your legs,

I would survive off of you,

through you,

with you,

I would find sustenance

in you,

In darkness

and in light,

in life

and the after-life,

I would find this world

through your smell,

through your taste,

memories of passion

of love

of lust

of unity and tranquility

of prosperity and wealth,

those were moments best spent with you,

moments spent together

unhinged by plight

and starvation

by decimation

and warfare,

we strived and survived through each other,

bodies used to the touch,

used to the mannerisms,

perhaps we got too comfortable,

maybe we lost sight of our union



too many maybes

I want answers,

you left me to pillage on my own,

left me to raid on my own,

left me,

on my own,

and I grew an addiction for you,

I was accustomed to you,

and thats why you left

because you became custom

just like everything in life

we lived to ignore and struggle with,

I miss you,

I sincerely do.


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