The trail of your spine,

When I set my lips upon 

Your flesh,

Taste like lithium,

It’s soothes me,

It’s medicinal, 

When I hold you by your waist,

Lips on the nap of your neck,

Whispering myths 

And fairy tales

In your ear

With serpents tongue,

I have the world,

I have the world

Whenever we collide

And settle in hugs

Whenever our eyes


Whenever we say 

“I love you”

It’s the glory of love, 

And in me 

In my soul 

I’ve found Valhalla 

I’ve found Eden 

The Tree of Life 

Atlas carrying the world 

I’ve found inter-dimensional 


Too frequent to count 

In me I’ve found love 

Love beyond reproach 

You’ve left me 

And behind stayed hope


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