Us & Depression

You loved me in depression

but when it came to you

when it became your experience,

your reality,

your breath,

when it gripped your lungs and heart,

I wasn’t there,

I wasn’t there for you

because I couldn’t be

I was taking care of me

and you were left alone

to drown in your sorrows

and live as if no one loved you,

but I tried,

but my depression

lasted too long

it became me

it changed me

and I couldn’t save you

not from yourself

not from me

not from the world

and you knew I was no good

to love you

as a broken man,

so we ended

and we started becoming better beings

dealing with depression

with health and stability

and I ask myself

was I the reason for your depression?

is love reason enough to fight?

or do you need more?

I still love you,

everything about you

and I wish i was stronger before

so I could care for you

like you cared for me

but maybe in the future

maybe in due time.



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