Prostrate to a Goddess

I found it,

found it in you,

in your glory like scriptures foretold,

tabernacle beauty,

Nirvana dream,

Glory of the covenant,

you stand like pyramids,

like the Sphinx,

Oracle of Delphi

my angel, earth angel

you’re bountiful in your blessings,

supreme in your aura

smell of faith and heavens

taste like Hell and sin,

but the good kind

you’re a holy dichotomy

a riddle within a fortune,

you’re beautiful, like rising Suns and Moons,

you’re the Universe,

the expanse of  the Cosmos,

skin, soft as dreams

light as feather

and refreshing as papaya

your lips,

oh your lips,

they’re delectable,

everything about you

is supremely grand,

but its your aura

and you intelligence that has me devoted,

that has driven me

to prostrate before you

knees and palms bloodied from my crawl to your temple

I am devoted to you,

take me as I am

with all my sin

all my blasphemies

for I fear God

but I love you

and have praised you above,

I’ve set on this journey for decades,

for the entirety of my life

and I lay before you

my body and soul

ready to be yours

asking for love and a home,

asking for guidance,

I’ve learned to love myself through this pilgrimage,

I’ve learned of me,

of my misfortunes and crime,

but also of my blessings and good fortune,

I believe in you

as much as I believe in me

as much as I can taste my own soul,

and feel the weightlessness of my love

is how much I love you

In all of you,

I have prostrated myself before thee

you’ve seen my failures and triumphs

you’ve seen my passion

you’ve seen my love,

I am your disciple,

your love,

the Osiris to your Isis,

I am part of this divinity,

of this growth and this judgement,

I repent for my shortcomings,

They have driven me away from you

they have forced me away from you

they have changed me,

but I do not repent for their affects,

I was complacent at the end of my trail

once I could rest my weary body

I rested,

and I rested for too long,

I love you

and will make the journey again

for any moment,

all for our glory.

I will always be your partner,

your disciple,

for I love you

in blasphemy.




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