Affirmation 2

You were born from the Cosmos. Oh sweet child, you were born from Big Bangs and asteroids. From black holes and supernovas. You were made not from mud or dirt but from me. I made you. I molded you out of the Cosmos. When I made light our of darkness, and made the firmaments, I knew I needed you. I made you for myself. Oh beautiful child, you’ve walked through life knowing not where you came from. You came from my womb, I carried you for 9 months. You came from your father’s heritage, and my history. You came from love and faith. And you have been reborn every day since. Every moment you meet someone, something that sparks you, you are reborn. So beautiful. I’ve given you everything I have, and now you have the capacity for greatness. Love the world like you love yourself. Say to yourself “I love me more than I love anything else”. and mean it. Be about you and when you have focused on the inside, the outside world will mold for you. You’ve fallen in love, deeply in love. Never lose that hope. Never lose that desire, that passion. Grow it. Grow yourself. Continue growing. Always. And always love yourself.


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