A-Z Poem

Andromeda always answers

broken backwards badges

catcalled cacophonous cadiallicfunkimusik

drunken dialed death tones, diethylene

effectively eradicating erection and efficacies, Emitt Till

Fuck fucking, frightened for fighting

Gangsta gandawaland, grace growing gagrene,

Hope he, Hope Her, helium hope, Heroes

I, I, Eye, I imagine if I invoke Isis?

Judea, Judah, Jason, Johnson, Michael, Jordan and Jackson,

KKK, Ku Klux Klan, Kill, Kill, Kill,

Lions, Ligers, levitate lithium,

Matriarchs like Mountains, Mars, Mary, Magnificence marries

Nero, like Nooses, never ended, noose evolved from rope to gold,

OOOsiris, OOOrion, OOOOOhhhh no he didn’t

Pop, Pop, Press, put the revolver down, hands uP,

Quintessential quandaries, quiet storms

Regal royalty, raided in the Black and Gold of Egpyt, Purple and Gold of Judea,

Seraphim, save me, save, Savage, they called us Savage, but we’re sweet like sugar cane,

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tock, Tock, Tock, time stops,

You, U, U are, U are the U-niverse, the U-nity, the U-nion,

Vivacious, Velocity, vortex intersect, vilifying for blackness,

Where, When, Why, Who, Watson, Williams, Watkins


Your revoultion WILL be televised,

Welcome to Zion, you’re awake.



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