Affirmation 1

You are beauty, bountiful in your grace and in your demeanor. You are beautiful. You are love. Remember to always love yourself, to be true to your moral compass. To be fulfilled by your experiences and not dwell on them as failures and or success. It is the journey not the destination that matter. Love yourself as you only know how. Be truth to you. Be honest with your emotions, your vulnerability. Be humble and chivalrous. Be kind and gentle. Love is the universal currency. And you’re nothing but Love. Always say “I am Love. I am Love. I AM LOVE” Remember Ali spoke his thoughts into existence, you must do the same. Who else is so pretty and witty? There wont be another fighter like Ali but you could achieve his greatness through your life. Speak your thoughts into existence. Let the Cosmos make it true. I LOVE MYSELF. thats the mantra. I AM LOVE. thats the mantra. I. AM. LOVE.


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