225 million years ago we roamed Pangaea,

we walked the world in darkness

dressed in fireflies

the light from our naked feet

reflected off the grass

creating stars,

we ate savagely

she was a wildebeest of a wife,

a modern marvel.

90 million years later she lived on Laurasia

Her naked body glowed

In the presence of the moon,

She would talk to me

Using astrology

I lived on Gondwanaland,

Drinking the midnight out of seashells

I had her face

Tattooed on my ribcage

Her named imprinted on my pupils,

I could only see in her vision,

I would stay awake

Taming the lions

as she slept inside the craters of her land,

Our love was separated by the Tethys Sea,

we could not love as we used to

so our children were born with different skin

her kin had starlight coloring

and my children

were the midnight from my drinks

135 million years later

men know her as God

and I live in Manhattan,

drinking water out of broken cups of glass,

they praise her as a deity

but she was never one for religion,

astrologist have never believed

that stars

are actually tears,

they were shed

when she realized

that I still lived on Earth,

now she is my intergalactic love

our children have grown

the mountains we once

made love on

have now become deserts,

our first son

was born on the lake of the Sahara,

she had her first orgasm

on the forest of the Sudan,

My separated lover,

We consummated on the lands of Pangaea

Our sex has created humanity

But now you are revered

As God

And I am but a man

Who once loved you.

Will we once again be together

50 million years from today

Drinking Pluto

Out of the Universe

Or will we continue

To be separated from each other?

I will be waiting for you

By the rivers of our past.



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