My Prayer


like migrant workers across the archipelago of your curves

Slowly appreciating the beauty of your landmarks

Documenting every inch of your form

Listening to the echoes of your pulses

Smelling the flowers

By the Atlantic of your naval

I love this geography!

This wonder of the world!


You stand tall and beautiful

Like moons

your breasts,

Keep me at ease

Your body moves me

Like the sway of earthquakes

I find myself at peace

On the peninsula of your soul

At the beginning

And completely in love

Like nymphs!

You lure me with your songs

Like angels!

Your holy

I pray in the name of your divinity

In the presence of your love

In the wisdom of your council

And in the courage of your trust,

That we remain affixed like the stars

Remain in the depth of love

Like Aphrodite

That we keep our jovial nature

Like cherubs

Remain faithful

like sacrificed virgins

Our bodies and hearts

Forever aligned for peace

And happiness

The pursuit of our endeavor

Will be something historical

Something monumental

For the Pompeii of your womanhood

Is something undiscovered

And unknown

Outside the realms of my touch

I’ve documented your body

With my eyes

My hands

My breath

My faith

And my own body

I’ve cloaked you in my skin

Kept you warm

from winter shower,

Keeping the embers of your lust burning

I’ve given you

every millimeter

Of my devotion

I praise you

like ancients Greeks

Praised Zeus and the Pantheon

You’re my modern polytheism,

But I love you like monotheism

Like devoted Jews, Christians, Muslims

You’re the Abraham of my faith,

I’ve loved you

Since the days we laid in dirt

Clutching to each other’s bodies

Afraid to fall from the heights

Of our engagements,

I’ve always loved you

Since I found out someone

Like you was alive

Since I was introduced to the marvel

That is you

You stand colossal

a Titan, Gaia

Mythological like


Bold like thunder

Eyes like eclipses


You are a mythology,

In your own class of deity

Mankind fashioned the bible

From your lullabies

The Qur’an from your dreams

The eightfold path from your footsteps

They created fire to see you in darkness,

They tried to mimic your light

They created weapons to defend you

From cosmological men

You’re a mythology

The only wonder of your species

Woman like no other

Human like there never was

Aurora borealis

Your lightning caught in a bottle

Faith caught in a cross

You’re a messiah wrapped in linen

Draped in silk

Drenched with sweat

Looking at me as if you found

Your personal Christ

And I love you like my own religion,

In the name of your love

Your trust

And your happiness

I love you,




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