Love like Art

Across the expanse of your love

I’ve seeded hope

I’ve written eternity

In brail

Across your skeleton,

Graffiti across your lungs

I’ve transcribed

Our commitments,


On your back,

We created a gallery

Paintings upon installation

Upon sculptures

In the space between us,

Two infinite locations

In space

Like galaxies,

Kiss your neck,

Remnants of your perfume

On my lips,

The way you walk

Can be an exhibition,

The museum

Somewhere in Harlem,

You always whisper my name

Like saxophone,

Josephine, Ella, Etta, Nina

It’s a Renaissance,

My hands on your body

Like piano keys,

Like guitar strings,

Give you my bones

Like sacrifice

You’ve sucked my marrow,

Rest soul in soul

Like nesting dolls

I’ve grown to love you

The entrapment of your dimples

The intensity of your smile

I’ve lost myself

In our enclosures,

Bodies brewing like sancocho

Melting flavors into flavors

I’ve become your taste

Accustomed to your smell

The way hands fit in hands

Like molding,

The resting beats

When we laid,

I remember the tempo

Entangling hands in your hair

Counting stories

To help you rest,

Your tired,

Your hungry voice

Your voice,

Things I miss

When I meditate,

Your body on my body

When we cuddle,

I knew you better

In vulnerability,

These stories

I carved in arteries

Don’t spark like they used to,

These seeds

Don’t grow like they used to,

I miss you,

The echoes of your yawns

of your breath

of your heart,

the gleam of your eyes

the heaviness of your love,

the wisdom in your greetings

I miss you,

All of you,

Words like wind

I write this to pass through,

I love you.



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