Martin Luther King, Jr. Poem

You were a Pacifist

Never turned your hands to fist,

Who taught us the power of love

And not to love the power

Friend or foe you chose to shower

With radical love regardless of color

Regardless of skin, regardless of sin

And where were we on your assassination

Against Vietnam you lost the nation

Who would have known 68 would be the last year

That the world would be blessed to hear

A true prophet in the name of bliss

Losing you we lost guidance

On how to survive

Without losing lives

In response to our situation

To militarization

Tried to teach us of the politics

Of the racist agendas of our government

But we passed judgement

Because Vietnam was a perversion

And we as a Nation

Could not agree with your views

Could not agree with the news

That a pacifist was against warfare

But you care more about the welfare

Of all individuals

Regardless of the residual

America chose to leave the world in dismay

You were a radical to love the enemy

But not ignorant to its integrity

And when you were shot to death

You died alone, you lost your breath

We lost your soul

You never achieved the goal,

And we’re still in fight

For all our rights, and every night

I call to the Gods, call to the stars

That we can come back to you

Back to your view

Of radical love and leadership

Cause that’s what we need

To succeed in our dreams

Of a day color won’t hold weight

And racism would dissipate,

Its love that ends hate

Its hate that ends peace

Its peace that makes unity

Into reality,

I wish I was alive in 68

Would of taken that hate

Would’ve given my life

To end the strife

You were a Pacifist

Never made a fist

And you were a king

We let them kill our royalty.


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