October 7, 2016

The slight turns of your laughter

Crackles like thunder,

Your eyes

Carvings of onyx and obsidian,

Your smile

Source of life

Water and sun,

The taste of your breath,

Of your sighs

May give life,

Tell me how,

How you live like this?

Why your aura

Has led to tranquility


Your body


But your mind



Seeded in realms of thought

Beyond comprehension,

I’ve met you in dreams

In nightmares

In real life,

Joyous prayer

When you said “hello”

The rhythm of your name

Told like ecstasy

Like a story

Fairy tales


But in reality

There’s no need for faith,

I haven’t known you

We haven’t conversed,

Scared of your beauty

Unaware of your humanity,

To touch your soul

With mine,

To caress your insecurities

In compassion

And learn of your truths,

You’ve spoken wisdom

In your greetings,

You’ve raised happiness

With your warmth,

Beauty redefined


I’ve heard stories of you

From the dead

From the fresh corpses

And those ephemeral things,

Stories like psalms

We met in depression

In solitude

I told you my name

And we traversed the globe

But in my pronunciation

I stressed the history of pain

And then you blushed

And laughed,

The image forever engrained


And those heavy things

Became air,

The name they call you

Does no justice to your realm

Of beauty

Of brilliance

Of intelligence,

If your physique

Can move the world

Then your brain

Moves the cosmos,

With these words

I end a note of affection



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