October 6, 2016

On the edges of your body

And the crevasses between your soul,

I’ve found wonderful things,

Grand silhouettes



And other ilk of its kind

I’ve wandered through your insecurities

I’ve seen them in daylight

Fully fledged in their rebellion

I’ve seen beautiful hostility in your eyes


Like the sound of cannons

Like the sound of drums

Like the sound of a deceased loved one,

Faith wasn’t part of the deal

I didn’t find God within your confines

But I found stability,


Breath and heartbeats

Purpose in disguise

What a destructive smile

When you hold this love tight to your chest

Truly majestic

In your dichotomies

I’ve learned to be intrigued

By the flirtation of your blinking eyes

We haven’t spoken,

Do you know my name?

Do you know my purpose?

I haven’t shared stories with you

We haven’t basked in the stars and moonlight

Have we created?

If time is real

Then we may indeed do these things,

I’ll get to know you in the realm of love

Get to traverse the outlines of your body

With gentle hands

And breath

Touch your skin with mine


Wisdom in panting heartbeats,

Romance in the rhythm of alignment

You’re beautiful,

If perfection had self esteem

That would be you

Bountiful in the lusciousness of your hair

And the fullness of your lips

Perhaps the taste of fantasy

And desire

Seduction and sin,

I call you by names never spoken in English

On tongues that can describe your fullness

The completion of your grace,

The distance between us,

Like galaxies

But I’ve seen your smile up close

You’ve made me a believer

In this arrangements of your wealth,

I’ve found out everything about time

From the way you walk

How you slow it down,

From the way you laugh

Cracks through space,

And I don’t even know you.


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