I want to bless you. Caress you. Cherish the molecules and universes. The unknown of you. Like the mazes of antiquity. Tell me your histories. Your everything. You’re everything. I’ll give you holy days. For holy truths. All for the strength of you. I learned to read bodies like brail. Eyes don’t work in darkness. … More Sanctification


Congratulations! Written in the indigenous. Written in the multitude of heritage that runs through blood vessels. Yes, congratulations on perfection. On being yourself. I think I like you. I think. Like you. I, like you. I’ve read you like parchment by candle light. I have felt you breath, the expansion and closings of your chest. … More Speeches

The Other Neighbor

I have crossed borders for love, Roaming lands unknown to the soles of my feet I came to caress you, To document every square centimeter of you. I was born to other islands, To serve in your diplomacy To cultivate your fields To nourish your ecosystem, I love this land, It is my freedom. My … More The Other Neighbor


I don’t grunt like I used to. Don’t echo like I used to, like the bass of Southern music. I don’t. I don’t know myself. I write too much about you. About the different yous. So many different women. Some I’ve known like calligraphy. The way my mouth knows my tongue. Some I’ve known like … More Shock


In the infinitesimal, in levels deeper than the caverns of your body, in the Abyss and the sugar hills of your thighs, in the Ocean of honey that is your secretion, in the molecules of you, I have found bliss. You taste like cocoa plants, like those Dominican candies I get fat on. You remind … More Molecules


They sell your essence in the stores now. In bottles. So many bottles. I drown myself looking for you. Tell me again how I would never taste you. Tell me again. Damn. Maybe I’m too drunk to be speaking this into the Abyss. Slightly under influences and over insecurities. I remember you! I remember you … More Supreme


Of all the wisdom in the Universe, clasped in the closings of hips, wet bodies, friction in morphing, and your cursing. I know I love you. And I hardly know you.


These are the words spoken by colossal folk. The ones you call gods. In public or in private. In the streets or in the sheets. When they rummage through your village, through your sternum, through you. I speak this from the Ethos, from the mythos of religion. I am the All Merciful, the Yahweh, the … More Gargantuan


I have cravings for you. For the way your muscles react and contract. I hunger. Salivating, I can’t write this on parchment. I must taste you. The richness of the seasonings you call heritage and culture. I’m hungry. To press my lips against your warm chest on Ithaca nights, I am starving. Your scent, like … More Taste

29 Chiefdoms

You where born where fertile land is abundant. No matter the politics, you were nurtured from Taino blood. And you look so much like ancestry, history, culture. I can’t tell if you’re a memory or if that Spanish you speak like meditation is real. This is an admiration poem. A damn you beautiful like freedom … More 29 Chiefdoms